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Before Ross’ TV show, if you wanted to get into oil painting, you’d need to invest heavily in supplies and classes, and spend lots of time learning complicated concepts and techniques. Aside from the obvious answers (“his hair,” “his happy little trees”), people loved Ross because he simplified explain like im 5 something — oil painting — that had always been thought of as complex and inaccessible. Comment one or two sentences as if you were explaining strategic visioning to a five-year-old. Even though it’s summed up fairly concisely, I feel like we still need to get a little simpler.

  • I think the heart of what you’ve asked of your friends of color is extremely important and I think my response needs much more space than as a reply on your feed.
  • I truly thank you for wanting to understand what you are having a hard time understanding.
  • «Explain like i’m five» simply means that the explanation should be elaborate at the same time very easy to understand.
  • Some subjects, like communism, zippers, and our long absence from the moon, can be a little hard to explain.
  • That’s when people turn to «Explain Like I’m Five,» a Reddit group dedicated to breaking complex ideas down into understandable terms.
  • While the group has been geared for adult readers, it has now morphed into a video series featuring real 5-year-olds.

From “Artificial Intelligence software will take our jobs! ” to “AI is an existential threat to humanity.”, rumors on Artificial Intelligence are everywhere. The only thing worse than active resistance, is its passive explain like im 5 variety. Your conversation partner will view you as a threat and will try to sabotage you on every step. Often this means that you will get an overly simplified, incomplete story filled with half-truths.

Explain Like I’m Five

Have you ever wondered what exactly is 3D printing? This basic guide explains everything there is to know about 3D printing. An introduction to 3D printing, explained using day to day examples and simple terms. Probably causality is indeed a good basis to define such natural information. However explain like im 5 I see no good reasons why should we look at causality only in two neighboring moments of time. We could consider a content of a book to be information that is frozen in time until it produce some causal effect. So a book has consciousness, but that consciousness doesn’t experience time.

Reddit’s ‘explain Like I’m Five’ Videos Star Real 5

Sure, we try to explain it to each person we come in contact with. We hand out papers that go into detail about what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and the process we’re using to accomplish these goals. If you look to the left, this blog even has a page dedicated to explaining it. Many of these concepts are ones I found difficult to understand or intimidating to learn when I was first becoming a developer. It was absolutely daunting to know what I didn’t know. This aims to solve it by breaking things down into their most simplest concepts and becoming a reference to other helpful resources.

Why Stephen Miller’s Emails Are White Nationalism Explained, Explained

explain like im 5

Pleasing these people is easy, just take every bit of information as truth and nod ahead, while you’re being skillfully directed further and further into the forest of illusion. As a consultant working for a large variety of clients in numerous markets, one of the most important skills is the ability to gain an understanding of all kinds of processes within pretty much any context. Even though often you can find common denominators quickly, truly understanding the landscape in which these processes manifest themselves helps how viable your proposed direction of improvement will be.

Reddit’s Popular ‘explain Like I’m Five’ Videos Are Perfect For Adults

But it becomes a part of our consciousness when we read the book . The binding problem feels to be much harder exactly because explain like im 5 we don’t even know how to think about it. For centuries reductionist view on the universe has been prooving its consistency.

And it’s how I would explain that task to a friend. Instead, recognize what makes the Reddit video and AT&T adeffective–complex ideas boiled down to their essence— and apply it to how you explain things to others. Good thing I stumbled across a clevernew YouTube series called ‘Explain Like I’m Five.’The Reddit team makes it easy to understand complicated ideas. The other two videos produced so far cover thecrisis in Syriaand thevolatility of explain like im 5 the stock market. ELI5 is a Python library which allows to visualize and debug various Machine Learning models using unified API. It has built-in support for several ML frameworks and provides a way to explain black-box models. This time around, they didn’t have to do anything, so Martin and series creator Jared Neumark took their time deciding how to make Reddit video that was original — not just regurgitating what was already on the site.

The unit of Amperes is equivalent to coulombs/second. The project already has three videos up, explaining the concepts behind about the conflict in Syria, the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche, and the stock market. Medium’s largest active publication, followed by +732K people. The future will be AI-based, there’s no doubt here. It’s up to us whether we view it from a positive/negative perspective.

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explain like im 5

The YouTube series kicks off with three entries. The topics covered are Syria, existentialism, and the stock market. If you can make a group of bored 5-year-olds understand these topics, explain like im 5 you should be good to go for most adults, too. Now that you understand existentialismandthepower of brevity in your writing, here are the other two ‘Explain Like I’m Five’ videos.